It is undeniable that human development does not depend solely on poverty reduction, but recently there has been greater consensus on the fact that to attain such an objective, it is required to increase equality and to foster the reduction of discrimination and inequalities of all sorts.

During recent years, afrodescendants in the American region have become important social and political actors that vindicate their rights, acknowledging that the history of Afrodescendant populations has been expressed through continuous resistance and strength, which undeniably has influenced for centuries the history of countries from the region.

According to statistical data, Afrodescendant populations register some of the lowest numbers regarding social exclusion. In counterpoint to this hard reality, there are several axes that point towards the potential of organized afrodescendant youths such as networks, movements and organizations; paired with dialogue with the political powers, which has foster advancements in favor of racial equality during recent years.

Governments, grassroots and local organizations, and international organisms have been working together with Afrodescendant populations in the fight to eradicate racism, racial discrimination, and for the inclusion of this sector in decision making roles and to define relevant public policies. It is under such political frameworks that afrodescendant youths have always played an important role during significant socio-political moments within their countries, strengthening and assessing the struggle of the afrodescendant movement throughout the world, and identifying itself as a part of it.

Such a movement indicates the construction of a new role for afrodescendant youths, which envisions participative and proactive measures in order to construct a new social scene for these youths, assessing distinctions and overcoming inequalities.


WAYS will serve as a platform to review and analyze progress made so far, ongoing and emerging opportunities and challenges towards the full enjoyment of the right to development of afrodescendant youth, under the framework of strengthening their social and political articulations and empowering afrodescendant youth leaderships worldwide.

Especific Objectives:
  1. Strategic capacity building and training on various topics relevant to afrodescendant youths.
  2. Facilitate the exchange of best practices, as well as political and social measures.
  3. Empowerment of young afrodescendant leadership and strengthening of their articulations and participation channels.
  4. Promote political discussions amongst delegates, national and international activists and experts.
  5. Define strategic alliance opportunities fo cooperation. 
  6. Establish a World Afrodescendant Youth Platform, as a permanent space for analysis, exchange and cooperation between organizations and young afrodescendants leaders from around the world.

WAYS is for...
  1. Verified community, local or national leaderships, according to the country of origin's youth age range; 
  2. Members of local, national or international human rights organizations and/or networks; 
  3. Those who take part of articulation and advocacy processes in decision making spaces at all levels; 
  4. Those who foster processes for youth empowerment, to promote human rights, to combat racism and racial discrimination, and to overcome inequalities; 
  5. Young afrodescendant activists and leaders who are members of civil society organizations, afrodescendant movements and other social networks worldwide.

Registration is now closed!


Taking note of the United Nations and UNESCO’s joint declaration on the International Year for Youth, under the theme “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”, to promote the practice of these concepts as well as the ideals of peace, respect for human rights,  fundamental freedoms and for solidarity;

As well as the United Nations General Assembly proclamation in resolution A/RES/64/169 of 2011 as the International Year for Persons of African Descent, to promote their full enjoyment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights,  participation and integration at all levels of our societies, and to foster greater knowledge and respect for the diverse heritage and culture of afrodescendants;

The Caribbean Project Association in coordination with the Circle of Afrodescendant Youth of the Americas, call for the first World Afrodescendant Youth Summit. The event will gather selected delegates with representatives of regional and international organisms, cooperation agencies, activists from the international black movement and national and international observers.


5 - 7 October, 2011
Radisson Europa Hotel & Conference Center
San José, Costa Rica